Advertisement LED Signs

Using LED Signs you can show attractive spots, videos and images. Create an attractive point of contact between brand and target audience.

The LED Screens for advertising operate in a great variety of restaurants, hotels, arenas, avenues, plazas, bars, and discos, among other places.

They function as a valuable tool to increase the capacity and advertisement quality, and even as a customer service tool.

LED Screens in airports and stadiums


  • Airports: the LED Screens are a way to provide assistance to the passengers and flight information.
  • Banks: Provide useful information to customers such as date reminders, exchange rates and other important and necessary information for their clients.
  • Stadiums: LED Screens are very useful for massive events such as concerts, and sport events.

Opposite of what is often thought LED Signs are simple to install and accessible. This technology is available for corporations as well as the advertisement industry.

Pricing of LED Screens and Signs


The specific price of a LED Screen can vary due to the combination of different facts such as size, and image quality. In general we could say that the price can be from 10 to 70 thousand dollars.

Some factors that may influence the price are:

  • The density and pixel capability that is desired for every panel and
  • The number of panels you need.

In LED Screens and Lights we have highly qualified personnel with years of experience that will guide you in the decision making process.

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