Customized LED Sign

The Latest innovation in LED Technology

Customized LED Signs are the perfect solution

While other technology has limitations to make your project possible, you could find yourself modifying your ideas. Not Anymore. Now you can find the necessary flexibility that you need to create anything that you want with the innovation of Flexible LED Screens.

With this technology you can customize the size and shape of the screen and project anything that you need, starting from Logos, Shapes, Faces, etc. There is no limit in your creativity.

Due to the material that we use to make this screens they are highly durable and you can make your project Just as you dream it.

This Innovative way to show LED Signs consists on:

  • Flexible LED Signs Modules
  • Flexible LED Strips
  • Flexible LED Nets

They adapt to any needed form and any surface, they are great for many applications.

Flexible LED Signs are a great alternative for spaces where a regular LED Signs are difficult to install for different reasons.

This product is more commonly used for architectural designs and decorations.

They are great for indoors and outdoors

  • Fairs
  • Conventions
  • Stands
  • Shows
  • Etc

How Flexible are the LED Signs?

This new generation of LED Signs have been designed for a demanding environment. Due to their rubber encapsulation and magnetic material, they can be easily manipulated to flex and twist to any structure or surface. As a result Flexible LED Sign a perfect solution for creative, innovating and challenging designs. Most of all, what is important to us is that you can make anything that you want real. The most important thing for us is our clients.
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