LED Screens Software

We have 100% all of the software of the best quality and prestige in the market of Giant LED Screens and LED Advertising screens world wide.
The software that our company suggest are listed in accordance to their importance by the manufacturers as follows:

For Synchronous Control Systems:

Use always a PC of control on to act as a secondary monitor. and it has to be wired at all time from the PC Control to the LED Screen.

  • LINSN (LEDStudio)
  • DBSTARLED (XMPlayer)
  • XIXUN (LED Editor)

For Asynchronous Control Systems:

You don´t need to have the PC control connected to the screen, because the system has an internal memory that stores all videos, images and texts that you need to reproduce on the LED Screen.

You can update the programming ready to reproduce using a UTP Cable, a USB or Remote:

  • DBSTARLED (XMPlayer)
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