LED Lights for indoors

High Luminosity and energy savings in LED Lights for indoors:
The perfect substitute for regular light bulbs in houses, Offices and industries.

One of the advantages of choosing LED Lights for interiors, is that LED lightning has a significantly higher energy saving percentage: Up to 46%.

As a result today you can find an ex tense variety of products and requirements at your disposal.

The efficiency of the LED Lights for interiors is approximately from 150 to 200 lumens per watt, and it keeps getting better every day. Regular light bulbs have efficiency levels up to 100 watts.

LED Lights for Houses, Offices and Industry: an option that is friendly with the environment.

The substitution of the regular light bulbs with the LED Technology favors the environment and the sustainability of our planet, not only because we are using the energy more efficiently, but also because we help to reduce contact with dangerous minerals such as mercury and phosphorus in the air. When some fluorescent light bulbs break they let this elements escape into the atmosphere, provoking damage.

Reasons for Choosing LED Lights for Indoors

  • LED Lights for Indoors can operate in different temperatures starting from 30°C up to 50°C.
  • Manipulation and transportation is easy, they do not require special packaging.
  • Wide range of voltage acceptance.
  • You can operate them in a intermittent way or in a strobe light.
  • Turn them off and on as many times as needed without affecting the life expectancy.
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