LED Screens Rental

Experts in LED Screens and LED Signs Rental

Ideal for any Massive Event.

We have Giant LED Screens, LED signs for rental, useful in several events and designed specially to meet your request:

  • Sports Events
  • Political Events
  • Exterior Events
  • Musical Events
  • Used for Indoor and Outdoor as well.

Due to it´s excellent technology it can be seen or viewed from desired distances. This product is specially attractive for massive events, because regardless of the position, it attracts the view of the spectators with a clear image and impressive colors (much greater superior quality of any normal TV or projector).

Giant LED Screens for rental with the latest available technology.

We offer the latest updated technology of LED Screens and LED Signs for rentals .

We have strategic alliances with the best factories of LED Screens and LED Signs Worldwide. This give a plus us to offer our customers best quality, service and satisfaction. We can make or adapt almost any kind of structure that the customer might need. This is really important when you need a quality service and product warranty for international show or concert.

LED Screens and LED Signs for rental are available in several different pixel pitches starting from 2 mm up to 16 mm or even 20 mm.

In LED Screens and Lights we have expert engineers that will support you about witch pixel pitch is ideal for your rental and your event.

Our screens are ideal for exteriors, because they work pretty good even if the sun is facing directly to them.

Integral communication solution for your massive event.

IN LED Screens and Lights our specialization goes beyond the rental or sale of the Giant LED Screes, we also give orientation to our clients of the calculations of the correct dimensions that they need, sizes, position and shapes of the screens.

Engineers of audio, video and telecommunication solve problems that may come with the installation of the equipment.

Our Clients trust us because we have been giving them good service, and they come back for future events.

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