Outdoor LED Screens

A great way to show color and dynamism to your Outdoor Advertisement.

Because of the great impact with the audience Outdoor LED Screens are a great option for advertising.

The advertisement industry has been evolving, and with it the way we present messages.

Why Exterior LED Screens?

  • Specially designed for exterior.
  • Fabricated with different materials that resist any weather situation.
  • A perfect image in every moment: Even if they are in direct contact with sun light.
  • Advertisers choose LED Screens for publicity because they have greater impact.
  • Traditional Advertisement cartels are being replaced by LED screens.
  • You can place your advertisement in areas of great influx of pedestrians and vehicles.

Experience in the Outdoor LED Screens that you can trust.

LED Screens and Lights is one of the principal providers of LED Screens in the USA and we hold a great reputation.

We have a great deal of inventory of LED Screens for exteriors and related products to achieve excellence in every project.

The relationship that we have with our suppliers allow us to have a guarantee of service and quality that only a few can offer.

Trough out the years in the industry we have had the opportunity to work with clients from different industries such as:

  • Sports.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Entertainment.
  • Massive events.

Mobile LED Screens

  • The Mobile LED Screens can be installed in trucks, taxis or motor-vehicles that circulate in different areas of the city.
  • Mobile advertising in the principal avenues of your city.
  • Ensure High advertisement impact.
  • Is easy to be moved at any location.

You can target your audience easily using Mobile LED Screens:

Due to the fact that we can easily moved, the target audience that you need can be selected.

Technical Considerations.

If you want to support more impacts and vibrations, we suggest DIP technology because is more reliable in this situations.

When you use mobile exterior LED Screens on a vehicle or taxi (with smaller screen size), we suggest SMD Technology because it can afford smaller pixel pitch for outdoor use. SMD Technology can be used for both applications.

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